Number FILL-IN Puzzles for the Whole Family

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Number FILL-IN Puzzles

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Get a taste of our Number FILL-IN puzzles. All the puzzles have high-quality PDF files and are ready for printing. The solution is also included in the PDF file. Cheers!

Please follow the link below if you prefer to download puzzles 1 through 20 in a single file:


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Pssst... Yes, you my friend. We have a book with 128 puzzles (solutions included) for $6.99. If you do the math 😊, it's about 6 cents per page. So if your printing cost is above 9 or 10 cents per page, consider saving a bit and getting the book instead of printing.

Besides the savings, all the puzzles will be neatly organized in one book (answers included). The books is sold by Amazon. You can find it HERE.


Home » Number FILL-IN Puzzles